Transfixingcountry: Hawkeye and Hoe

Hawkeye and Hoe is a high energy, multi-genre original country/rock band based out of South Florida.

The band's musical landscape includes a wide array of genres i.e., rock, southern rock, blues, country, bluegrass, americana, jazz fusion and more.
Hawkeye and Hoe is comprised of a diverse group of musicians who have all toured extensively and ammassed a long list of credits as song writers, recording artists and studio musicians.

With two stylistically different lead guitarists, a monsterous rhythm section and a powerful front man, Hawkeye and Hoe has an incredible musical palate from which to create.
Hawkeye and Hoe evokes the full gamut of emotion from its audience and is a quintessential crowd pleaser. Their music is fun, accessible and extremely danceable. It isn't everyday that such a talented, creative band is born. Join the band for a musical experience that will travel with you!